Teen Bedroom Paint Ideas: the Expression of Teen’s Personality

Teen Bedroom Paint Ideas: the Expression of Teen’s Personality

Choosing the colors for teen’s bedroom should be adjusted to teen’s personality. Most of teens want to express themselves, so they will also have strong feeling on what should be painted in their bedroom. Since painting teen’s bedroom is a bit complicated, this article will show you some teen bedroom paint ideas.

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Before going to teen bedroom paint ideas, you have to know the teen’s rule. Most of teens have the same characteristics of their favorite picks. They want to have the room to be painted with their style, personality, and passion. Teens love the bright colors and they do not really like pale, nude, or neutral colors.  To balance the bedroom outlook, it will be great if you paint the wall with bright color, then use neutral colors for the furniture. You may use bright colors again for room accessories. Teens do not really take care whether or not their rooms look expensive and elegant; they only want to express themselves by having free-spirited room outlook. If the room has theme, teens usually want to combine their favorite colors with the room theme.

There are some great teen bedroom paint ideas for the teen girls. The very feminine girl may pick soft girly colors such as pink and lavender. Those colors go well with colorful bedding sets. Since they have been colorful, use white furniture.  If you want to accessorize the room, you can add sequined accessories for the room.  The active and fun girls may choose other colors such as light pink, light blue, green and pale purple. The patterned bedding sets or furniture are suitable for them. Add thematic bedding sets and rugs such as polka dot, floral, and other geometric pattern for the fun active girls.

The ideas of male teen bedroom paint are different to the girls. Teen bedroom paint ideas for boys are actually simple. Most of the boys love minimalist things, so they usually do not want to put so many things in their room. Most of them love the calm colors for wall such as blue and white. You can add the furniture with boys colors such as green, red, blue, black, or brown. As room accessories, put the accessories according to the boys’ hobby, such as attaching boy’s favorite football poster.

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Before choosing the teen bedroom paint ideas, you have to discuss with your teen son or daughter. Ask their preference and invite them to decide their room’s colors and decorations. Your kids will be very happy to involve in choosing their favorite room paint ideas.

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